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  • My husband and I devoured the paprika chips with the cheese and salsa combo last night.  The smokiness of the chips really played well with the cheese. I am normally not a nacho cheese type of person because for me, nacho cheese sauce tastes fake, so I would rarely eat cheese sauce.  This cheese sauces was delicious, it tasted fresh and real.  The chips were amazing – small enough for one dip and solid enough not to break when dipping.  I also like the package size of the chips, thinking for 2 people it is a perfect serving size and likely stays fresh longer. - Kara

  • For my afternoon AND after dinner snack, I enjoyed the chips and queso as well as green salsa.
    I loved that green salsa! It had such a clean crisp taste.-Lindsay
  • As for your salsa, yesterday's fix was extra good. Now you have me hooked...the salsa was particularly fresh and good. Consider me a full blown addict.-Nick

  • I need to place an order for about 25 ppl. I also want to double it for FLAVA Forward; gotta make sure other folks get to enjoy TSL. -Alexis

  • I LOVE EVERYTHING! -Terri Atlanta

  • I see why they call the queso crack-I wake up in the middle of the night wanting more!-Trisa

  • I am by no means a salsa expert, but their salsa is REALLY REALLY GOOD!-Fox6 Studio A

  • By far my favorite chips and salsa business. Now about the guacamole...I'm addicted. COMPLETELY ADDICTED. Get some!!! - Jamila

  • Great products and love the sales team. First saw them on Fox6. -Vicki

  • I love the salsa and the chips are divine!-Hillery

  • Looking for some yummy salsa!!! Call That Salsa Lady. The salsa was awesome.....this was #1 and those chips were crispy and flavorful!! -Aricelda owner of Cuppie Cakes Creations

  • The best salsa ever!!!-Erin W.

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