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That Salsa Lady selections are always fresh. Every item is chosen to complement the other, for a taste and smell which awakens the senses and beckons your taste buds to want more, creating a symphony of flavors

"That Dance in Your Mouth!"  


Some businesses have tried to replicate our product. 

Do NOT be fooled by the falsa.

there is only ONE TSL SALSA!

Top right Urban Garden salsa, Bottom right Margarita salsa with original tortilla chips.

While most salsas are made with Beefier tomatoes often with fewer seeds and a more pronounced flavor, making our salsa both sweeter and less acidic.



Stop by have a taste... we dont bite!


Additionally, In Keeping With The TSL Desire For An Onsite Seed Sharing Library, The Tomatoes can be Generational; It Grows The Same Season After Season, Allowing Growers To Perform Seed Collection With A Greater Ease.




Something to also pay attention to is veggie imperfections. Grocery chains only stock what they deem to be the "most attractive" vegetables.

our Ingredients are grown locally & allowed to mature as intended thus incorporating the flavor of our neighborhoods. 

planted & harvested free of special breeding or cosmetic alterations, there is no "nip-Tuck" when you grow your own. In doing so our selections are Harnessing the specific personalities of each vegetable omits the 'cookie cutter' image often desired by corporate growers. It also goes a long way to maintain the depth of flavors. Visit our hood ranch page for more info.

Our Simply Salsa and Queso-Got Chips

Our Simply Salsa and Queso-Got Chips

Fresh Hot Pepper Blend, Like it HOT?

Fresh Hot Pepper Blend, Like it HOT?


TSL only uses sweet bell peppers. The peppers when allowed to mature on the vine become yellow, red, even orange. They are called sweet bell peppers due to the fruity taste. TSL Red Onions Are Also Very Sweet.